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Flo X / Dec 09, 2014
GET READY! This is gonna be epic. Can't wait to see everybody getting fired out of the bubbles while fighting. :P

As in the poster, the main contacts for this are Flo X for exiles (me), and our new dominion lead Holly Golightly for dominion! :D

All you have to do is be online on saturday at 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST) and message either Holly or I depending on your faction. We'll invite ya to our groups and you can join us for the fun! We'll start forming our groups at the scheduled time, so be patient while we gather everybody.

ALSO! A Christmas themed WPVP event will be on the following week, same time most likely! Details for that will come after we have a blast (literally if you know about this zone...) during the Blighthaven Bubble Battle!

- Flo X
Flo X / Dec 09, 2014
<Nostalgia> clip courtesy of Miss Stabbie aka Rummiekins on Twitch. :P

I'll be doing more frequent news posts and featuring interesting/funny/cool stuff happening on Warhound! If you have a cool clip or picture, lemme know! I'll include your guild recruitment blurb with it. Kill a boss? Funny WPVP moment? Dungeon fun? WARPLOTS?! Inbetween Events I'll keep updated on the website with stuff like this. :)

-Flo X
Flo X / Dec 07, 2014
Welcome: Holly Golightly as the new event lead for Dominion! We'll be working together to bring some awesome events to Warhound soon! WOOOOOOOO


So we need to fill in some gaps on our event crew. If you're interested (dominion especially) message Flo X (Exiles) or Aera Nahr (Dominion)

PSA: We're restructuring our dominion crew. The old lead (Misa) is out with personal matters to attend to outside the game, and our temp leader backed out. Misa's still MIA, although intends to eventually come back. Also, we still have a group of great officers in the dom crew, but the spot is open for an event lead that will work with me to get the word out for events and put the raids together during them.

Until we get a new lead I'll juggle both roles through my dominion character and rely on the current officers to run events on the day of. Again message me or Aera, or just make an account here and private message me.

[Edit: Holly Golightly is the new dominion event lead!]

- Flo X
Flo X / Nov 30, 2014
Link to the uncut highlighted footage from the event!

Two clips and a 3rd video of winner announcements. Over 3 hours of fun! Enjoy. =P

Thanks to everybody that attended and to all the contestants! Had a ton of fun. Special thanks to Victorious Failures for allowing me to assist with expanding their guild housing event, and my guild Lords of the Dead for helping me out after I bankrupted myself from giving out the winnings. :)

A highlight reel will be up later, but for now here's your winners, go check out their plots!

Best Exterior: Derp Zilla

Runner up: Noscope sixguns

Best Interior: Rose Thraswood

Runner up: Miss Diagnosis

Best Puzzle: Alienz II

Runner up: falter synonym

Community Choice: Rose Thraswood

Runner up: The GrandMaster

Voting over

- Flo X
Flo X / Nov 25, 2014
SIGN UP NOW! Message or send an ingame mail to Flo X (me) so I can put you on the list. Add me to neighbors and/or set your plot to public! This event is primarily EXILE, but we may do some bonus Dominion exhibiting until we drum up enough interest for a 2nd housing event that'll feature both factions. :)

  • November 30th! Tentative time is 3:00pm PST, Register by the 29th so the judges can inspect it in advance! Last minute folks may be featured in the stream, but they won't be eligible for the prize.

5g buy in for the prize pool! Donations accepted (and hugely appreciated!) as well. :D

Judges will inspect each house on their own prior to the event, and on the day we'll be reviewing them all in quick ~2 minute visits during the twitch stream (to refresh our memory and show off the plots to the community!). We'll then open up the voting and play on the jumping puzzle plots while we're waiting for results. We'll have a bunch of folks on the Warhound Events teamspeak chatting, while judging and goofing around, so come hang out on the twitch stream with us and see some sick house plots! :D

At the very least, *I* will be streaming at, but we're likely to have others streaming too!

[edit: the following initial categories may (probably will) be expanded upon!]


1. Best house as voted by the judges.

2. Overall community pick. (if same as the judges choice prize will go to the 2nd place winner)

3. Best jump puzzle!

Rewards: Oh boy are there going to be rewards. Plat, C.R.E.D.D. , and if we're lucky... Carbine might be able to swing something our way again, like they did for Ganksgiving. ;)

This, and everything else, will be expanded upon in further detail in a follow-up post closer to the event.

Special thanks to the guild Victorious Failures! For allowing me to expand upon their awesome in-guild housing contest they had planned, so the rest of the Warhound community can enjoy it too! Work hard on your plots guys, because theirs are friggen AMAZING!

- Flo X
Flo X / Nov 19, 2014
Edit: FANTASTIC learning experience guys! Had a ton of fun at both the exile and dominion tournaments. Will update with videos, and Bazeleel's great commentary/coverage, of each event soon! :)

Exile edition:

Dominion edition:

We have a housing event in the works, so look forward to that coming up soon! Also... a wpvp event discussion is near... :D


Sponsored by Warhound Events
Promo video!

"Ganksgiving is here! After years and years of cultivating the land and sowing the soil we finally have reach the yield we are looking for! Thankfully all of what I just said was complete and total BS. Ganksgiving will be held on Nov. 22nd and 23rd and will feature a 1 vs 1 style of tournament play. Each player is allowed to bring 2 different LAS's with them. Sadly due to copyright laws full healing builds are not permitted and should not be used with out express vocal or written consent of the PCC(Protostar Communications Commission). Any illegal use or distribution of those LAS will most likely drown you in lawyers, no one likes that.

Matches will be played in a double elimination, fight to the death, arena style, combat explosion! Each match will consist of 3 rounds. The semi-finals will be best of 5 and the Grand Finals will be a best of 7. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The rest of you don't get anything because you didn't win, deal with it! The entry fee for the tournament will be 25 gold with the options to donate more to the prize pool! Each faction will have its own prize pool and arena set forth by the tournament organizer.
If you would like to help Admin the event please PM me on the forums or here."

- Bazeleel

Tournament Guide Lines

  • November 22nd and 23rd ( 2pm EST / 11am PST)

  • Must be LvL 50

  • Matches will be held inside housing plots (more info as the week progresses)

  • Gear must be completely removed, costumes are permitted

  • Players must use a LvL 50 Blue weapon (Basic entry Level PvP weapon)

  • Cost to enter is 25 gold per player

  • Event will be hosted on warhound (Exile/Dominion)

Tournament will be lived streamed here: