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Costume Contest TODAY! / Christmas Event SATURDAY! / "A Wildstar Christmas" comic by Flo X!

Flo X / Dec 18, 2014

This should be a fun little costume contest! We'll be meeting at the neutral Protostar zone, and I'll livestream it here. Courtesy of Lords of the Dead the best costume will get a CREDD!!!


Our main Christmas Event is on Saturday! As a continuation from the costume contest, my favorite Christmas costume will be awarded there, but we'll be doing a ton of WPVP and other shenanigans (I recommend practicing that difficult jump puzzle in the center of whitevale ;) ). I'll be giving away little things here and there to people, and it should be a fun time for all!

It's held at Whitevale, so I'm encouraging folks in the leveling circles to attend! This is open to anybody who wants to come! Hope to see ya there!


Also, I drew a thing for y'all. I may whip up more comics if folks dig em. :)


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Very nice comic! Miss you guys!
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