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Blighthaven Bubble Battle WPVP event @ 4pm Saturday!!

Flo X / Dec 12, 2014
EDIT: Event in 10 hours! Get ready folks, and message your contacts when the event is approaching!

Should be a hilarious time, so I hope to see all y'all there! On event day Message Holly Golightly if you're dominion, and Flo X if you're exile.

Also... there's going to be a C.R.E.D.D. giveaway from a charitable and incredibly attractive person coughcoughmecoughcough =P

...and after talking with other event crew and supporting folks, the giveaways for the next two events (Costume Contest on the 18th and a special, yet to be unveiled, Christmas event on the 20th...) are going to be EPIC!

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Was fun!
It's always good to have the battles in the interesting environments.
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