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Flo X / Dec 24, 2014
For the PVP (and world PVP) scene in Wildstar.

Thank you so much to the community for participating in the shenanigans Warhound Event's would stir up. If the things I addressed change, then I will be more than happy to return. :)

Wildstar has the potential and foundation to be the best PVP MMO on the market, but instead Carbine has chosen to ignore it. As one of the biggest cheerleaders for the game, both inside and out, it pains me to walk away.

My intentions are good though, and I'm hoping the suits at Carbine get wind of this and realize what they're losing by ignoring the PVP community. You may not like us, but you most definitely like our money.

= Flo X

P.S. Merry Christmas! lmfao. Here's that holiday comic again to hopefully cheer things up a bit.

Honestly though, don't worry too much about Wildstar. NCSOFT clearly sees the value Wildstar has, they're just in an awkward spot of restructuring development. As a casual PVPer and event coordinator, I'm looking at a 5-6 month period before I can do what I enjoy again. This video is a very small effort to lend my voice to the many in the forums and elsewhere, that we matter and six months is unacceptable.

So keep playing, keep pvping, keep pveing, and I'll be playing for a few weeks at the least! And if things get fixed, I'll reboot Warhound Events and come back stronger than ever!